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   *** Please read this whole page for all training options and costs***
I am updating my site as we speak. Errors will be fixed. Boarding is $18.00 per night.

Level 1:  
( 4-to 6 to 8 weeks are reserved for  level 1 depending on the breed and the age,
21 days: $1,250 
30 days $1,500
45 days, $1,800 --  $2,000
60 days $ 2,300 --$2,500
90 days  $3,300 
120 days $4,000 or *$4,500 This price is a set fee and  includes all training gear, grooming, 1 extra week, Photo prints posted, and Live Camera Video Feeds   This saves you $375.00 at average.
* The 45 day includes off leash perimeter training (PT).
This is vital and the precursor to any show of obedience training to where the dog can be off the leash, and I always have this accomplished before I let any dog go home or begin the level two training program that refines the off leash feature. Owners and clients for training must keep in mind that I have a certain order that train with...
It is safe to say that 45-60 days is the level I obedience and the " off the leash, and  perimeter training is included.  
60 days goes a bit further to perfect some of the levels taught already as well as introduce the broad scope of all the things that can be requested  of the dog to do according to lifestyle.
My training programs cover all the quirks and all the things that other trainers miss or charge extra for. Some trainers don't even bother to explain themselves about the handling tactics and techniques, because their focus is on money and have no idea about the actual science behind the method.---Or...,  they don't get the whole questions and answers part anyway. My training will extend to you, as well as the theory and practice.
Level I Training --$2,500 (average)
*Heel / on leash
  • *Sit
  • *Stay
  • *Come
  • *Lay down
  • Nuisance Barking--A major feature!
  • Housebreaking, problem solving; Digging, Barking, Biting, Chewing, Jumping, Destructive proclivities, socialization, voice command vocabulary, you name it. OWNER TRAINING.                                      
  • A properly trained pet responds to your first command every time. All training at Mountain Dog Boarding is executed with positive reinforcement motivation. No need to shout, pull your hair out, or have a bad day, Mountain Dog Boarding is the outlet for you.  Step up your training with: INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE:   ** KEEP READING THIS WHOLE PAGE for all training courses and prices.

    LEVEL II: $

  • Long distance stay
  • Out-of-sight stay
  • Stop on command
  • Poison training
  • Fetch
  • K-9 Staff Training-- Our dogs training yours
  • Bark on command
  • Distance sit
  • Off the leash heeling/ **Park obedience--Yeah!
  • **Perimeter Training--The Most Important of ALL Comes with 45 day packages and up
  • Obedience with Distractions- Second most important
  • Truck training--How to ride
  • Guard Dog/Security Savvy
  • Swimming/ Diving/ Water Sports--Warm seasons only
  • Spirit Development/ K-9 identity
  • STAND FOR EXAMINATION--Vets love this one
  • Prior Basics resolidified

We provide your pet's every need. Our 21-30 day basic obedience program will get the results you need!  Mountain Dog Boarding's rates are unbeatable --- 35% cheaper than any other enlistment.  Our drive here is the simple love for animals.  Mountain Dog Boarding also offers:

Perimeter Training --( Level II feature) Keep your pet contained within desired boundaries and safe zones. 190 foot perimeter around your home. This training has worked remarkably well with our Siberian Huskies, one of the top breeds that I have found the most challenging.  This may require an at-home installation,or purchase of the same system for lifelong results, after the facility's training tenure, of a portable electronic device that can be purchased through us or from your local Home Depot; however, this may or may not apply.  Here, perimeter trained dogs make an immediate association with little white flags placed around the property, so naturally, the dog will continue to do so wherever those flags are placed as long as the association recalls a memory of a mild discomforting electronic correction. It all depends on the the breed--- Dogs learn very quickly in this realm. The results are excellent.We use Pet Safe's Instant Fence; a wireless transmitter/reciever system that corrects the dog's path of errant direction as long as the boundry is in violation. Results are 100% effective.The dog automatically returns in the direction in which it came, usually to its sleeping quarters,or to an another area of canine recall. This system is great!! We install these perimeter training systems every weekend. Talk to us, let us know that you are serious. We can help you no matter what.We want to be your cure for canine problems. 

   We also do anal expressions.  All food and amenities are provided to your pet, all medication or other needed treatments are given as directed.  The Mountain Dog Boarding facility is nothing short of a pet hotel.  All luxuries.  All pets are camera and audio monitored 24-7...  This also serves as an aid in discovering latent behavior and personality traits.  Most pets will do their mischief behind the scenes where they think everything is swell and the coast is clear.  We use our trained canines as an aide to train your dogs! A dog must be caught in the act of the undesired behavior in order to be correctly admonished for such action.  The animal has no idea what you are referring to otherwise.  Being caught in the act leaves no room for question.  This proves to be the best method in quickly quelling such undesirable actions.

     Mountain Dog Boarding also offers Pick-up and delivery , and we have at least one trip per week to the city of Atlanta for clients who need this luxury and convenience.  This service is for boarding-training onlyWe also do at-home pet-space-planning (finding optimum recreation and living areas for places that are hard to seat), light construction and clearing no problem. My kennel design is mine and mine alone. Let me build you a permanent structure at your home that is the best and the brightest, all materials provided from The Home Depot.  Mountain Dog Boarding provides all vaccines except for Rabies.  We do not accept dogs that are not properly innoculated with Rabies.

Pick-up and delivery is based by distance.


Boarding Rates: $16.00 per night/ $14.00 for multiple pets

Doggie Day Care: $14.00 per diem... from 9-5pm

Felines:  $9.00 per night

  All sizes, All breeds. Multiple dogs of 3 or more are discounted for boarding and training.$16, $14 & $12
I am happy to work with all clients and negotiate. 

We accept Credit Cards, we accept certified checks,and Cash! Half down, the other half remittable when owner's satisfaction is met! Make an online payment on our PayPal link. Bad Checks will cost the writer an astronomical fee!!

Grooming is based by the Breed and overall coat condition; $19.00-$175.00.  The average groom runs 35.00-- 65.00. Very professional cuts!!!! Please view our grooming page.

  • LEVEL 1 : Basic 21-30 day Boarding Training Package:    21 days/ 30 days. $1,500.00
  •  Level 2 Perimeter Training is usually added to this level for off the leash come command,
  • Perimeter Training ala carte $400.00. 
  •  the 30 day course $1500.00. Puppies require the most time and guidance. Puppies can cost more, depending on the breed and what we are trying to accomplish with it during it's training tenure.  (Also dogs that are older and sure-set in their ways). This is the full Level 1 obedience course--- the recommended  training package for those who wish to have perfection in their pet's obedience commands. Puppies take 45-60 days.

  •    ** Total Package :( includes both levels 1 & 2): 120days is $5,000 and 180 days is $6,500 days. THIS IS THE Just do it Course.  What you get for $5,000.00 is my bonus package deal that is one of a kind --never get from anywhere else--for 128 days. Onsite one on one webcam sessions with your dog and I is way better than the book I can assure you. I also give after support and coaching, and I make House calls. 60 days; 90 days; 0r the 120 days; We also have our top course of 180 days. (call for that info).  Reserved only for  those who want to have the best and the brightest; total perfection: a super-well-trained-dog, and a life-long companion. Please make note that every breed is different and training times vary depending upon how well and fast your dog responds to each level of training. And young puppies always take the longest to learn everything we have to offer in the advanced courses.  This Package is loaded with extra features!! (Swimming at the lake). THIS LEVEL IS ALL OFF THE LEASH! WE USE OUR HIGHLY TRAINED CANINE STAFF TO HELP TRAIN YOUR DOGS ON ALL POINTS. BOARDING FEES INCLUDED. All electronic collars are deemed as  accessories, ranging from $119.00--375.00. All are top of the line and lifetime warranted.
  •   Basic 7 day Boarding Training: $500.00--the best 500 you will ever spend, I will show you how much I can accomplish in a week.This course is reserved for dogs  that need problem solving ,obedience correction and/or a full crash course of minor behavioral issues that can be resolved in 1 week or less. 1 week's worth of professional training is worth more than no training whatsoever. Call me for specific questions of your  canine behavioral issues.  Boarding fees are included. 
  • Basic 10 Day course is $600.00
  • OUR 45 day course is wildly popular, it bridges the gap between Level 1 and Level 2 training, $2,000
  •    Basic 14-day Boarding Training package: $900.00 This is more involved and more assured for dogs that seem to be a little tougher than the above mentioned. This course offers exactly 1/2 of the full obedience training outline for those dogs who are already 1/2 way there at this present moment. Meaning, issues that need to be perfected, and transposed from trainer to the owner.
  •  Basic 21 DAY training package: $1,200. This is a good place to start for some flexibility with your dog's current knowledge and some problem solving issues, alongside the obedience commands. This is a popular, straight forward crash course where clients can bid to move further with training after enough time has passed to see some real results!! 
  •    Intermediate Training, 16-21 days: $1,25000--All dogs for this level must first be confirmed in their Basic Level I Skills. (Dogs that are already trained and are needing an upgrade to elevated skill sets). See total package.
  •   Perimeter Training, $175.00; This is a LEVEL II- OFF LEASH- training feature and is added to basic obedience level one for those who wish to keep their pets contained. This is highly recommended for dogs that love to roam, chase, or are at a high risk of being hit, stolen, or maybe even being dead without your knowledge before you even realized that they haven't been around lately.  Perimeter training is the crux of all obedience. Don't let your pet step into harm's way, teach them their boundries today!
  •  We do at-home perimeter training and perimeter system installations on a regular basis.
  • We install Chain-Link fencing around your property. 

We have a training package just for you and your pet! We offer hourly training sessions for those who just need a headstart on crash course issues. I will work with whatever issues that you like. I'm Flexable and will work with you.

 All Dogs Trained recieve an extra, free-of-charge feature: Threshold training. Keep your pets out of certain no fly zones in your household. Bedrooms, Kitchen, upstairs, downstairs, trash cans, bathrooms, furniture...etc,..

***The Boarding Training fees above are set at the average  Medium - Large. Small dogs are less. Very large breeds are more due to their care and handling accomodations. Pitbulls are a minimum of $1,800-2,500.(Please see above link on the tool bar for in depth details on Pitbulls). Siberian Husky training is a minimum of $1,800- $2,500; a 30-45 day minimum on this breed is required at the outset. Huskies are very difficult because of their strong and dominant state of being. These are independant entities and are hard to have and keep around and personally enjoy as a common canine companion. Training on this breed must start at the very early stages of the pup in order to make a strong and respectful bond.  Huskies need to feel that they are dependant upon the owners rather than themselves. Tough, tenacious and very hearty breeds.

Potty Training: Minimum: $175.00- plus the cost of boarding: 14-21 days. It is simply not possible to JUST potty train a dog and ignore all the other obedience issues that need to be taught during this critical stage of  behavioral guidance. The "come" command and the "out and go potty command" must be solidly taught, along with socilization issues and everything else. We use other trained canines to assist us with the rapid training techniques-- by way of setting the "example." Call us for more details.

 We provide all Vaccinations including Canine Cough Bordatella; However we do not administer these vaccinations, that will be done by the owner of the pet during the intake period. We can also arrange to have Rabies with our local vets. 24 hour Vet on call.

All trained dogs are picture-posted on our ever-growing website with prior approval by the owner. We have a list of refferals at your request. We can in this way offer people an assurance of services that are in common concern. Call us for more information:

Mountain Dog Boarding

In Mineral Bluff, GA. (Blue Ridge)

Mark Lee

Office: 706-374-9021

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Boarding Rates are $18.00 per night.

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